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"You can post your position on 7 different platforms worldwide simultaneously. They always follow up with you and think ahead to cover your needs."

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Free job posting sites

These days, it’s hard to keep up with all the different job search sites that are out there. Some cost money, while others are free, and you don’t want to be surprised by hidden fees or limitations on your ability to find the right candidate for your open positions.

If you’re looking for free job advertising sites that you can use to post jobs online and connect with great candidates, look no further than this comprehensive list of free job posting sites for employers.

1) Google for Jobs

What is Google for Jobs in the first place?

Type "jobs near me" in Google and you'll see a similar widget on the top of results (below ads):

Google for Jobs

Click "100+ more jobs" and now you're inside Indeed's competitor made by Google. It has become very popular in recent years, mainly because Google puts its job widget on the top of the search results almost every time you search for a job.

Want to know the best part? - unlike many popular job sites, you can post your job here free of charge. But there is a trick.

Here’s the deal:

Google does not provide you a form to submit your job as other job boards do.

Google is a search engine, and it indexes job postings like any other web page. But here comes another trick.

It's not sufficient just to have job listings published on your website. You need to add a specific script on each of your job web pages, so then Google indexes your jobs correctly. They call it "structured data". If you're interested, we have a guide on "How to Post a Job on Google" - check it out for all the technical details.

If you're not a technical person it's quite hard to grasp all the details in the first place. But we have a workaround for you!

We've included "Google for Jobs" in our Post Jobs for Free tool. We'll implement all the technical details for you, so your Google job posting will go live within a couple of days. And this is free of charge for you!

2) Jora

  • Popularity: 5.5M monthly visits worldwide (according to Similarweb, data for Nov 2021)
  • Free job posting: ✔ Yes, up to 10 free job ads per month
  • Included in our free job posting tool: ✔ Yes

Jora is Australian based job search engine and is part of the SEEK Group of companies. Nonetheless, Jora has dedicated job boards for 36 different countries including the U.S., UK, and Canada.

Jora Job Posting Site

The interface is super simple and modern. The only downside is plenty of Google Ads placed above and below job search results. But otherwise, they need to monetize it somehow, so you can have free job advertising, right?

3) Jooble

  • Popularity: 42M (Wow!) monthly visits worldwide (according to Similarweb, data for Nov 2021)
  • Free job posting: ✔ Yes
  • Included in our free job posting tool: ✔ Yes

Have you checked the number of monthly visits? This is astonishing!

Jooble declares it is the 2nd largest job site in the world! (Guess which one is the first? 😉)

Jooble Job Board

Jooble is a job aggregator that retrieves and displays thousands of job ads from various other job boards, career pages, and newspapers. This is why you cannot register and post a job directly on their website (at least we've not found a way).

But luckily you can post your job to Jooble using our free tool.

By the way, Jooble's user interface is really friendly and it doesn't overwhelm you with lots of ads.

4) Adzuna

  • Popularity: 5M monthly visits worldwide (according to Similarweb, data for Nov 2021)
  • Free job posting: ✔ Yes
  • Included in our free job posting tool: ✔ Yes

Adzuna is a popular site for posting jobs in the UK, US, Australia, and other 17 countries. It was founded in the UK in 2011 and quickly became one of the leading job sites with millions of monthly visitors.

Adzuna Free Job Posting

Adzuna's interface is clean and easy to use, without any pesky ads popping up throughout your browsing experience.


  • Popularity: 1M monthly visits worldwide (according to Similarweb, data for Nov 2021)
  • Free job posting: ✔ Yes
  • Included in our free job posting tool: ✔ Yes is a global job search engine and HR data analytics platform which allows you to post your job for free. operates in 36 countries around the world, making them one of the most well-known job sites! Post Job for Free has very advanced search filters that allow job seekers to filter through resumes by salary, experience, or skills criteria! On the downside, you may find a bunch of ads placed above your search results.

6) Careerjet

  • Popularity: 2M+ monthly visits worldwide (according to Similarweb, data for all domains, Nov 2021)
  • Free job posting: ✔ Yes
  • Included in our free job posting tool: ✔ Yes

Careerjet provides job seekers with a global career search engine that is available in more than 130 countries and 30 languages.

Similar to Jooble, Careerjet displays job offerings from various sources such as other job boards, recruitment agencies, and specialist recruitment sites.

Careerjet is a good place to post a job

Careerjet is a great website for job seekers to find ideal positions. The interface is modern and easy-to-use, with lots of filters that help narrow down your job search results. Also, ads are placed in-between the search results, so they're not annoying.

This is one of the best places to post jobs for free!

7) PostJobFree

  • Popularity: 180K monthly visits worldwide (according to Similarweb, Nov 2021)
  • Free job posting: ✔ Yes
  • Included in our free job posting tool: ✔ Yes

PostJobFree is a global free job portal that allows employers to post their jobs, and job seekers to post their resumes. It was launched in 2007 and serves a global audience, with a primary emphasis on the U.S.


The user interface may seem a little bit old-fashioned, but it still serves the main goal - connecting employers with job seekers.

How to post a job to multiple job boards at once?

Posting a job on multiple job boards is a very time-consuming task for recruiters and employers.

The first step is to register on each of the job sites you plan to post on. Then you need to submit your job details, again and again, on every website.

And some websites, like Google for Jobs or Jooble, don't even provide you with a form to submit your job. What do you do then?

A better idea would be to post your job to 7 different job boards at once, without registration on each of them, by using our free job posting tool. It's easy, takes just 5 minutes or less, and saves you a ton of time!

No need to register on multiple job sites, remember passwords and post your job over and over again - our technology allows you to avoid this!