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Best career pages 2023


Here are a few reasons why we think Calm's career page design is excellent and what you can learn from them.

Mission statement

Calm's career page is one of the best examples of what makes you want to work for a certain company.

The first thing you see on the page is the mission statement: "Our mission is to make the world happier and healthier." In other words, they tell you: you're not just going to earn your living here; you're going to impact the world positively. And this is what resonates with potential employees.

Calm's Career Page Design

Team on photo and video

Next, you see a photo of your team on a retreat or some other type of team-building event. Wouldn't you want to experience something like that? A photo or video can convey your company's culture better than any text-based statement.

Testimonials of clients

Why clients, not employees? It's all about showing that your work at Calm will be meaningful.

Customers love the product you'll be working on. And this can make working here even more fulfilling than a high salary.

Available Positions

Calm's career page also includes a list of their open positions so that anyone interested in applying can easily see what jobs are available right now.


Here are some of the things we like about Doppler's career page:

Great Design

The first thing that catches the eye on Doppler's career page is the bright design. You might not be a fan of dark themes, but this design makes you feel it is different. Many gradient elements only add charm to the page.

Doppler's Career Page Design

Bullet points instead of a wall of text

Perks and company values are organized in concise small blocks with visual elements that make it easy to read. It does not overload your brain with tons of text, but it still seems appealing.

Perks you don't often find in the corporate world

How often have you seen a company offer unlimited paid time off or even free lunch? These are just some of the perks that Doppler offers.

When you're looking to attract high-quality employees, it pays to think outside the box in terms of benefits. While a high salary doesn't necessarily make the difference, a shorter work week, for example, can.


Doppler is announcing a series A round on their career page. But why would you even show an investment round on your career page?

First, it makes you feel optimistic about the company's bright future. If some intelligent and wealthy people are willing to risk their money investing in this company, maybe it's worth your time and effort.

Second, it may result in stock options for employees, which is a way to build their wealth. What can be more attractive?

Career page design ideas

Career pages are a great way to engage with potential candidates. They offer an opportunity to give people a flavour of what it’s like to work at your company.

The best career pages don’t just provide information – they tell stories that make people want to work for you.

Here are some ideas for making your career page stand out:

  1. Showcase your culture with videos
  2. Highlight your perks and benefits
  3. Use graphs and charts to convey data
  4. Add testimonials from employees
  5. Share what makes you different

Best career page design

Career pages are the perfect place to show off your culture and personality. They allow you to connect with candidates in a more personal way, so they can get a sense of what it's like to work at your company.

A good design can help you attract the right talent, but it should also be functional — users need to be able to easily navigate from one section of the page to another.

Here are some tips for creating a career page that's both attractive and easy to navigate:

Use big images. Big pictures are an important part of any web design, but they're especially important on career pages because they add visual interest and help tell a story about the company and its people. Use large images for the background or header image, or even for smaller sections on your page.

Keep it simple. Don't overcomplicate things by adding too many features or different sections on your page — this will only confuse potential employees who are trying to learn more about your company. Instead, focus on just three main sections: "About Us," where you can include information about your business; "Jobs," where you list open positions; and "Benefits," where you can list benefits such as healthcare coverage, paid time off and other perks that may attract potential employees

How to create a career page on website

If you're just starting out and don't have the money or time to create a career page from scratch, it's best to use a template that already exists - check them above.

In addition to a career page template, you get:

  1. Custom design (this means we'll create a career page that fits the look and feel of your website, FREE of charge);
  2. Career page content (we'll also fill your career page with content about your company's accomplishments, culture, and benefits);
  3. Job application form, so candidates can fill out the form and apply for a job;
  4. Applicant tracking system to post jobs on the career page and track your candidates' progress.